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It's not easy to invent the wheel alone

TiE & Sponsor Resources


TiE Silicon Valley offers numerous forums, programs, and hosts 60+ events and conferences per year to help you succeed. 



TiE Silicon Valley Programs



BNY Mellon Entrepreneur Toolkit

BNY Mellon Investment Update

BNY Mellon Economic Update

TiE Angels Alliance


Many TiE chapters have TiE Angels forums that have banded together to co-invest. Contact your local chapter to see how the alliance can help with cross-chapter investments.


TiE Angels Atlanta

TiE Angels Boston

TiE Angels Dallas

TiE Angels Detroit

TiE Angels Houston

TiE Angels New York

TiE Angels Oregon

TiE Angels Rockies

TiE Angels Seattle

TiE Angels Silicon Valley

TiE Angels Alliance

InSync Angel Network


TiE Angels Silicon Valley is also part of a Northern California angel group network. The first successful syndication for the group was when we introduced MetaCert. See the website below for more details.


Insync Angel Network


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