TiE Angels Virtual Pitch 11/19/20



  1. TaiyōAI identifies what's driving customers' global business by providing predictions about global demand and supply fluctuations using mostly external data.

  2. Suquino is poised to transform long term and chronic healthcare with its vendor-neutral telehealth platform, Saffron. With a built-in AI/ML engine, Saffron provides diagnostic level examination anywhere, anytime for affordable care that is personalized and holistic to each patient and their providers and caretakers

  3. Realkey is an innovative provider of digital mortgage technologies that enable bank and non-bank mortgage loan originators (MLOs) to streamline the mortgage processing experience for borrowers. Disrupting the status quo in the mortgage industry, the RealKey Digital Mortgage Platform makes the mortgage process more efficient and empowers MLOs to close more loans, faster, with less effort.

  4. CloudControl lowering the Barrier to Entry for Cloud Computing using pre-fabricated cloud migration accelerators

  5. Copperwire is your bridge between the blockchain & enterprise opportunities in traceability, efficiency, and innovation.

  6. Plexome where Data meets Strategy. Experience the power of intelligent decision-making at your fingertips and get unparalleled insights for your healthcare business.

  7. is a music streaming service made for business and re-positioned for a cause. #MusicForACause

  8. Snapdesk is a business text messaging app with a host of features that help businesses and organizations schedule text messages, automate bulk message sends, and save text messages as templates.

  9. Irrigreen digital irrigation IoT product centers on an IP protected technology leap, using software techniques from inkjet printing, to vastly reduce the amount of water used.

  10. SpecTrust is a code-free fraud defense platform that secures banks, eCommerce stores, digital payments, and online marketplaces against account takeover attacks, fraudulent payments, and identity theft risks in minutes, not months.

  11. ASHA  is a remote care solution that enables caregiving family members to manage and monitor the health of elderly loved ones from afar, through artificial intelligence

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