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Process For Entrepreneurs


Anyone can apply

You do not need to be a member of TiE and there are no fees to apply. We use the following process to select companies to present at our quarterly TiE Angels dinner showcases.




Screening Meeting


Dinner Showcase

Entrepreneurs should preferably be referred by a TiE Charter Member (CM). TiE Angels will consider submissions without a CM sponsor but we encourage entrepreneurs to seek one if possible.This will help you stand out from the many submissions we receive every month. You will be notified in a few days if you are invited to screening. TiE Angels does not sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). We assume anything you submit does not require an NDA for us to review. 

Six of the applying companies will be invited to meet with the TiE Angels Screening Committee. This committee consists of domain experts from a cross section of areas that we invest in. The format of this meeting is a timed 10-minute presentation, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. Non-local companies may be screened remotely. You will be notifiedin a few days week if you are invited to the dinner meeting. 

A few companies from the screening meeting will be invited to present at the TiE Angels quarterly dinner. The dinner includes a timed 5-minute presentation and 3-minute Q&A. Dinner presentations must be given in person. Investors submit interest sheets for companies they would like to take into due diligence. If enough investors show interest, the due diligence lead will map out next steps with the company. Companies are informed in approximately one week if there is enough interest for due diligence. Our goal is to complete due diligence and reach a decision within 30 days of the dinner. 

If your application is declined at any point, you can reapply one year after your initial submission. Locations of screening meetings and dinner showcase are decided closer to the event date. 


Read hints for applying here


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