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Become an Investor

The success of early stage companies depends on capital and access to mentoring, advice, and networks such as what TiE Charter Members offer. The mission of TiE Angels is to invest in seed round or Series A funding of companies that have a strong value proposition, a sound business plan, and a strong team. Seasoned entrepreneurs and angel investors: we are looking for your active participation in this group.

Qualifications to become a TiE Angels member

  1. All current TiE Silicon Valley Charter Members (CMs) can join TiE Angels without any additional charges. Non-CMs can join TiE Angels by paying a $250 annual membership fee (covers one-year TiE Silicon Valley chapter annual membership). If you invest in any company during the year, the membership fee is waived for the following year.

  2. All TiE Angels members, whether a CM or not, must be accredited as defined under SEC regulations Rule 501.

  3. All members are required to fill out the online membership form.

  4. Members must abide by our Code of Conduct and are expected to be active participants in the group's activities. TiE Angels is managed by its members for the benefit of its members and the entrepreneurs we invest in. 



Learn about the benefits of becoming a TiE Angels member here. 
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