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What is TiE Angels?

TiE Angels is one of the largest angel groups in Silicon Valley. Part of the TiE Silicon Valley chapter, TiE Angels brings together promising early stage companies and exposes them to serial entrepreneurs, high tech executives, and other professional investors.  

TiE Angels and it's 150+ active members leverages TiE's global network—the world's largest entrepreneurial network—of over 60 chapters around the world, to help portfolio companies meet the challenges of scaling into successful enterprises. Since launching in July 2010, the TiE Angels forum has become an address for early stage technology entrepreneurs and investors to meet. 


Our added value


  • TiE Angels is recognized as one of the top 20 angel groups in the nation

  • Track record of investments and value creation (over $200 million value in 3 years)

  • Exposure to one of the leading groups of top successful entrepreneurs

  • Strong relationship with top VCs, private angels, and strategic partners

  • A large active forum of investors, bringing knowledge and mentoring for each company

  • Very deep screening and due diligence process by members of the group

  • Pro entrepreneur process with fast go/no-go decisions, feedback, respect, and no fees

  • Portfolio companies receive priority consideration for TiE programs like TiEcon

  • 100+ of TiE Angel Investors have made an investment through TiE's deal flow

  • We are on and have been on the same side as the entrepreneurs. 


So whether you're an experienced entrepreneur seeking funding, or an angel seeking investment opportunities, participating in TiE Angels is an enriching experience. 

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