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Code of Conduct


The success of TiE Angels is attributable to the high ethics of our investors. It's a forum that upholds the mission of TiE while respecting the goal of wealth creation. 

The complete TiE Angels Code of Conduct is available on the Membership Application page. In a nutshell:


  • TiE is a non-profit with volunteers who run the TiE Angels forum as a community service for the startup ecosystem. 

  • The only purpose of the forum is to let investors discover and invest in promising startups. This is not a forum for job hunting or selling your product or service to other attendees or presenting companies. 

  • Guests are allowed to attend up to two times to decide if they'd like to join. Guests must be pre-registered for the dinner and should be accredited investors. 

  • We rely heavily on members to volunteer leading due diligence on behalf of the group. We expect leads to conduct due diligence professionally, and to keep investors and startups apprised of due dilgence status. 

  • If you lead due diligence and recommend investing in a company, it is expected that you will invest.



Ready? Apply for TiE Angels membership here. 

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